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Testing, Testing, Pure Flight is Investing

Well, we’ve already invested pretty heavily in the disc golf world. For starters, we opened up a business solely based on disc sports and primarily all on disc golf. Whew! Talk about an investment. Lots of money, time, blood, tears and sweat have been poured into this business. A major component of our business model, as backwards as it may be, is to excessively donate to the disc golf community. We have taken on a huge role of sponsoring events, players, clubs and courses. Since opening up for business, Pure Flight has committed to buying 9 baskets for the Umass Amherst DG course, bought two baskets for the Crane Hill DGC, sponsored a bevvy of regional players and became a title sponsor for the Greater Hartford Disc Golf Open A-tier.

That’s money coming straight from our pockets going to the disc golf community. Why have we chosen to invest so heavily in this game? Well, sure, we own a business and as the game grows we should as well. That’s just the benefit though, why we really are spending so much money in disc golf is for the total love and passion for it. We watch every live broadcast on DGPtv, we study every result from PDGA A-Tiers and National Tour events and we play in as many tournaments as possible. It’s heartbreaking to see the best our game has to offer making just enough money to stay on the road and compete in the next event. We aim to grow the sport for the sport. These top tier professional players are doing things we could only dream to be doing. They are highly talented and like any other professional, deserve to be rewarded for it. By pumping money into the game we hope to build the pot of money these professionals are competing for. As the money grows and players become more stable on tour, there will be more high level amateurs ready and willing to take the next step in their disc golf careers. These amateurs are growing daily through the efforts of entities like Pure Flight, but also through the tireless volunteers who build courses, run tournaments and clinics and the gym teachers who introduce disc golf into their curriculum. By having the incentive of making a decent living in disc golf, these amateurs will stick with it and continue to contribute to the meteoric rise of the talent pool.

Pure Flight has in no way ignored the amateur on its quest to become a powerful disc golf brand. On the contrary, much of the money we pump into the community is targeted at amateurs in the form of CTP’s for leagues and tournaments and certainly with our efforts to get new courses in the ground. We also are transforming ourselves into a reliable source for tournament vending as well as directing. In our first year of business we ran two tournaments both of which filled at 72 people. One of these was also a PDGA B-Tier, so we’re committed to working with the PDGA to grow the SPORT of disc golf. This year we intend on running a minimum of two events, both PDGA sanctioned. We’re still in the process of working out the details but we will run the 2nd annual Crane Hill Open on the weekend of 06/22-06/23 and we will be hosting the first PDGA event ever at Bousquet Ski Range in Pittsfield, MA. Two years in business and twice Pure Flight has brought PDGA events to courses that have never seen them. There is more at work this year and we may find ourselves hosting closer to five events once all is said and done.

In closing this first blog post, disc golf is a difficult sport to form a business around. Namely because it’s still in its infancy and as a result offers roughly 3 million different avenues to pursue its growth. Pure Flight has embraced a number of these roads and as we grow we will continue to work our hardest to bring disc golf in New England to the next level.