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Okay so we promise to not regularly be as obnoxious as this post’s title, but this site has been a long time coming and it’s such a great relief to have finally took off. Now it’s on you to help us TAKE OFF!

What you’ll find here is a comprehensive blog covering everything from local players to local events to National Tour events and touring players, to equipment reviews and off the wall disc golf tales. Our blog will have a number of contributors, so if you don’t like my voice you can tune into one of our other writers.

The most important thing that can be found on this site is our shop’s inventory over the web. We’re finally breaking into the market baby and we can’t wait to make you a believer in our quality of customer service. Admittedly we don’t have the biggest inventory in the world but we make up for it with our passion for elevating this sport to a greater level. We also have disc golf apparel available that literally makes you a better disc golfer when you wear it (ahem, no guarantees though). All jokes aside, shopping with us means that you’re helping to reinvest into this sport as we’re .

Not to be overlooked is our Design and Development Department. Here is where you’ll find Pure Flight’s services for course design, program, tournament and clinic implementation. We have fashioned our company to be much more than just your standard retail shop. We aim to create everything from championship caliber courses to backyard pocket courses. In the same vein, we offer clinics for groups seeking basic instruction or for individuals trying to take their game to the next level. Our tournaments are some of the most popular in the area and for good reason, as we’ve worked hard over the past three years at providing a consistently great tournament experience.

You can also keep up with Pure Flight’s exploits through our photos and videos. Sure we’re no experts with a camera but we find ourselves doing some pretty fun stuff so feel free to live vicariously through us here and there 🙂

Lastly, use our contact information for anything that you may need. We’re firm believers in basic logic and figuring things out with our customers so if there’s something you want that we don’t have, call us up and we’ll see if it can be worked out.


A New Lesson

Last weekend I played the best three consecutive tournament rounds of my life. On Saturday, I played West Thompson at 15 under for the event, posting a 1001 rated -7 first round and a 1016 rated -8 second round. I was able to fend off a great competitor and even greater player in Bobby Cowperthwait to take the West Thompson win. To date, it’s my best win as a professional disc golfer.

I went into Sunday’s Newton Hill Open feeling full of confidence but very tired. I couldn’t believe just how big of an impact the stressful ending of the West T tournament had on my body. My hip, lower and upper back and my calves were extremely sore. I’m no super athlete but I never get that sore from disc golf. There’s something about throwing while under great pressure that can impact your body in a serious way. Despite the soreness, I managed to put up the hot round in the morning at Newton Hill. I came out of the gates with a 1024 rated 48 which according to course par is -10 but what most people would more appropriately call a 7 under (due to some soft par fours). I was a little surprised that I had put together such a great round but the way in which it happened didn’t seem so great. I started on hole 17 which I was a little disappointed to miss the birdie on but from there I went hot. My scores from hole 18 to hole 6 went: 2, 2, 2, 3, 2, 2, 2. Seeing as how I’m no Kyle Moriarty I didn’t park hole 3 and had to live with a 3 on it. I maintained throughout the rest of the course, missing two inside the circle putts to land at a 48. I say it didn’t feel great because after 8 holes I was already at the 6 under (everything as threes) 48 mark. Towards the end of the 1st round I started growing fatigued and had some grip issues. I was scrambled well though and avoided any harm.

Enter the second round. Can we say Jekyll and Hyde? Oof. If I thought I was sore in the morning, I felt like an OLD man. The 3+ hour 1st round had taken so much out of me and I didn’t properly reestablish my composure for the second round. Mentally I was worn very thin from the battle the day before, from the 1st round grind and from the heat. I rather not go into detail about just how awful I played in the 2nd round but I wound up with an atrocious, embarrassing, 855 rated 65. OUCH! I will very briefly explain my major in-round mistake. I broke down my stretch from 18-6 in the 1st round, in the second I started on 1 and scored like this: 4, 3, 3, 4, 3, 4. Three over as opposed to 5 under on the same stretch in the 1st round. I couldn’t help but compare my two rounds (TERRIBLE) and know that I was a whopping 8 strokes off my first round pace. Not only was I physically beat but I began to beat myself down mentally as well. There was no way I could maintain and it wasn’t long before I had lost all confidence in my throws and couldn’t gain any traction despite great support from my card mates.

If you read all that to get to the lesson, kudos. I learned this weekend that although lunch break is a break, you NEED to be realistic about what you need. After the 1st round I needed two things, energy and to work out the grip/confidence issues I could forecast for the second round. What did I do? I got food (smart move) drank a beer (no problem there) and laid down. TERRIBLE. I was exhausted and I embraced the exhaustion, letting it take control as opposed to wiping it out with a chemical ridden, evil, 5 hour energy or by going and doing 100 jumping jacks. I also neglected to get out on the course and throw. I needed to work on my grip going into the second round and I didn’t. Guess what? It showed. I learned that you need to be honest with yourself. If I was in good shape during break, I easily could have taken it easy, shmoozed, etc.. I wasn’t though and I didn’t act like a professional by doing what I needed to. I also had never been in that position before, never before had I shot three consecutive 1000+ rated rounds, so I’m being easy on myself despite the stupidity I displayed. Next time I plan to stay mentally acute, put together 4 in a row and hopefully have two titles to show for a weekend of work. Next time…