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Crane Hill Travels to Cranbury

This Saturday, the Crane Hill disc golf team travels to Norwalk, Connecticut for a showdown with the Cranbury Park team. Cranbury finds itself looking to scrape back to 3-3, while Crane tries to keep its road record flawless and move to 3-2. The match seemingly only carries significance in regards to the teams’ psyches moving towards finals. The most important pieces of the A pool puzzle have apparently fallen into place already. Borderland stands at 0-5 and will be relegated to B pool next year while there’s talk of Warwick forfeiting their final two matches (at NASA and at Maine). Right now this seems to be very likely and would result in Warwick ending the year at 2-4 along with the likely 2-4 record of Burgess, possible 2-4 record of Cranbury and possible 2-4 record of Crane Hill. Despite the potential for a three way tie for 7th place, Warwick would be relegated based on percentage points. On the other end of the standings, the two teams that beat Crane at home are poised to end the year at 5-1 and earn byes in the first round of finals.

The match this weekend has most to do about momentum and jockeying for seeds 3-6. At this stage in the New England Disc Golf Team Challenge format, seeds 3-6 really don’t matter much. Two years ago (Crane Hill’s first year in A pool) Crane (sixth seed) beat the 3rd seeded Wickham on the Maple Hill Whites Course. The upset did wonders to build a rivalry but unfortunately Crane was bounced in the Semi-Finals by Cranbury. Cran then went on to defeat Maine in the finals that year. Last year, Wickham (6th seed) returned the favor at Pyramids- beating 3rd seeded Crane. Wickham then went on to win the championship in an exciting playoff versus NASA. In just recounting the last two years, it’s obvious that seeding really doesn’t matter much outside of the 1st and 2nd (1st round byes) and 7th and 8th (relegated).

These aren’t the word’s of a captain trying to rally his team, as I’d surely be failing in that fashion. This is just a true portrayal of the state of the league today. Luckily, my words aren’t needed to rally the Crane Hill team – we’re a self motivated group eager to continue our progression as players and as a team. If you were to ask anyone on the team if they were satisfied just making finals, the answer would be a resounding no. It’s nice to know that we’ll have a chance to compete for the championship again this year but 4-2 sounds a whole lot better than 3-3 or 2-4.

2013 Champions - Cranbury

2013 Champions – Cranbury