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The Mind’s Guide to Disc Golf

By: Drew Gardner

“Practical Dreamers Do Not Quit”

Though it is easy to write these things in a blog, the tips I provide will only work if they become habit. The essence of change is one of the hardest things that happens in a human’s mind. If you can discipline your mind to “walk the talk,” you can ultimately be successful in disc golf as well as life. Changing habits takes time and the journey is more challenging than the discipline its self. So take the challenge of personal change and don’t look back. The results may blow your mind.

“Practical Dreamers Do Not Quit” is a quote by Napoleon Hill, a man hired by Andrew Carnegie to study wealthy people and to write a book about why successful people are successful. Now I could write a really long blog based on these ideas but one line so far has stood out to me. Hill basically states that if a dream burns desire deep inside you, then your goals and dreams are achievable. He refers to Thomas Edison and the fact that it took over 10,000 tries to invent a lamp that could operate off electricity. 10,000 times! Such a staggering trial would drive most humans nuts. In fact most people would quit at 100 or even 10. We can learn that if the goal you set out to achieve is entrenched so deeply in your soul then no matter what, in time you will achieve it. If you notice he uses the word “practical,” meaning you need to have a realistic goal in mind. Your practical dream needs a path to start on and a clear finishing point. For a disc golfer, a practical dream may be to win a pro event. Now the hard part is getting there. Be realistic on your path and leave nothing to chance. Take the initiative to practice and learn from others. Have the ability to open up to teaching because you never know who will help you on your journey. The goal needs to be so clearly defined that when you close your eyes and think about it, you can see every detail. You can see yourself hitting the winning putt and standing at the awards ceremony while Pete hands you the trophy and purse and people are cheering for you. These visions need to be real to you before they happen. Don’t let others stand in your way. On your journey people will try to discourage you. They can’t see your vision and may be scared for you or for themselves. Assure yourself that you will succeed. You are in control of your mind, remember past blogs?
Now to practice this concept you can start small. Think of something that you want in life, a promotion, a date with the hottie down the hall or whatever it may be. Look within and determine if your desire burns deep for this and go for it. Don’t look back until you achieve this goal. This small victory should springboard you to the realization that you can do it! Do not become discouraged if you fail. Without failure we would never learn, remember Edison and his 10,000+ trials inventing something we still use today. I think back to when I started playing disc golf on a competitive level. So many times I wanted to walk away due to frustration and the feeling of walking up hill in quicksand (getting nowhere). I buried those feelings and moved on to become the player I am today, which is right where I want to be. My goals for disc golf are different and success for me will come in the future as my trials happen every day. The one thing I will tell you is that I keep pressing on, even when the hill looks like a mountain and this lesson alone will allow you to see the top sooner rather than later.
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