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3rd Annual Pioneer Valley Classic Registration is Open

Pure Flight will host its third annual Pioneer Valley Classic on April 16th this year. It will be a PDGA C Tier and NEFA sanctioned event. The story lines behind this year’s event will focus primarily around Micah Franzman and whether or not he can go three in a row at Noho. He has won this tournament two years running and is waiting for somebody to be able to knock him off the throne. This year will also mark the first time that I will be able to compete in the event and I don’t want to make this TOO public but Micah, I’m coming for you bro.

The Pioneer Valley Classic is the first event on Pure Flight’s 2016 calendar with Bousquet (date TBD), and Crane Hill yet on the horizon. This event is special for a number of reasons. To start, it is the 14th year that Northampton State Hospital DGC has been in the ground and this event serves as a celebration of the hard work and dedication of its volunteers. Big ups to Jason Johnson, Andy Neal, Felix Harvey, Isaac Bromberg, Juano, the now relocated Bucket and many more for their efforts in maintaining the course over these past 14 years. The PVC is also one of the first NEFA/PDGA events of the year, every year, giving players the opportunity to jump right into the tournament season and measure themselves against their competitors while shaking of the winter rust.

Northampton will always be a course near and dear to the hearts of those at Pure Flight. It represents a number of early memories for the company’s management team. It was here that I cracked my head on a sheet of ice on hole 16 when I was just 15 years old playing with my dad. It was at Northampton that Jeff and I would come with our friends to play the closest course to us while in High School and it was also here that I met Chris Barden and Drew Gardner in 2009. The duo was out shoveling tee pads on a snowy winter day while I was there alone practicing. We joined forces for a round and the rest is history. Chris and Drew are now integral parts of Pure Flight as well as the Western Mass DG community.

There are a number of reasons to come out to play the PVC and I’ve only touched upon a couple. Find your reason and come join us for the start of the 2016 tournament season!

By: Pete Charron