Pure Flight was incorporated in October of 2011 and opened the doors to its retail shop in Amherst, MA in November, 2011. The company was started by Western Massachusetts’ locals and disc golf enthusiasts, Jeffrey Fleury and Peter Charron. The duo are the primary forces behind Pure Flight although the company has been very well received in the disc community and has benefited from kind people’s help all over New England. 2014 saw the incorporation of three other people into the fold at Pure Flight, Hailey Fleury, Chris Barden and Drew Gardner. Hailey is the company’s graphic designer and is responsible for all the tournament graphics that Pure Flight produces. Chris and Drew have helped in a number of areas but are the primaries responsible for Pure Flight’s design and development services.

Pure Flight was founded on the principle of growing disc golf in New England and through its first three years has been successful in a number of important areas of growth. Unfortunately as of May 2015, Pure Flight has closed the doors to its brick and mortar retail store. Despite sounding like a sad thing, this move was made to ensure the continued development of the company and its focus on the sport, so it is undoubtedly a move in the right direction that the company is happy to make!

Without the community’s support we can’t keep up our push for disc golf’s growth, so please shop with us online or schedule for a time to shop with us as we’re out on the course.

The Design and Development Guys, Chris Barden and Drew Gardner:


Happily married couple/Pure Flight’s graphic designer and co-owner, Hailey and Jeff Fleury:


Co-owner, Pete Charron: